Global City Media is an information company for the legal marketplace.

Its key objectives are to inform, research and devise solutions for the legal marketplace, bringing ideas together through the medium of technology, journals and books and summits with regulatory anvd legal risk at its core. Its customer base are lawyers globally and the legal departments of corporate organisations. It produces daily and weekly updates for the marketplace as well as conducting ongoing research. It has several USPs, being the first to launch a journal for robotics law and create an online marketplace for lawyers. It differentiates itself from its competitors with its focus on technology – its team having produced previous technology firsts for the legal marketplace.

The company invests in creating legaltech solutions at a time when the legal marketplace is wakening up to the possibilities which such tools can bring with clients now demanding technology based solutions.

Products include:

Information and content
The Global Legal Post daily news service
The Global Legal Post corporate counsel weekly newsletter
The Robotics Law Journal
The Luxury Law newsletter

The Luxury Law Summit
The Luxury Law Alliance
The Law Firm Marketing Summit
The GC Futures Summit

Online legal guidance
RetailLawAdvice – LawOverBorders

Luxury Law Jurisdictional Guide
Foreign Direct Investment Jurisdictional Guide
The Wealth Advisors Guide

The General Counsel Excellence Report